About Me

The Short Story

My enthusiasm for life is ignited when surrounded by nature, connecting with inspiring people, and growing through exploration. I have a passion for self-exploration and world exploration. I believe personal growth and travel help us recognise the limiting stories we tell ourselves and allow us to expand more fully into our potential.

As a Coach and Yoga Teacher, I help clients strengthen their connection with self and develop transformative practices that elevate the way they live and lead. I’ve completed a Masters in Psychology of Coaching at the University of Sydney and Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise at the University of Victoria alongside various mindfulness-based coaching and yoga teacher trainings.

Currently living in Byron Bay, I work with individuals and groups as a coach and facilitator - both nationally and internationally. My experience extends to working with international facilitation teams on globally recognised personal development and leadership programs including an Australian Business Awards® winner and an EFDM Excellence in Practice Gold Medal winner. I've worked on coaching programs and retreats as a facilitator in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and Central America.


The Long Story

Growing up as an Athlete

My interest in self-exploration and human potential started at a young age during my involvement in team sport. Growing up as an athlete I learned a lot about pushing boundaries, both physically and mentally. In university, my curiosity and competitive spirit led me to play soccer and compete in several national championships while studying a degree in human movement science. I completed my bachelors in 2007 and got accepted into a graduate program in Physiotherapy at the University of British Columbia.

Pushing myself

In 2008, I started the graduate program after some months travelling. I thought it was going to be my dream career. It wasn’t. I quickly realised that my heart wasn’t in it - at all. But, instead of listening to my inner knowing, I kept pushing myself and let it come at a great sacrifice to self.

In 2009, I decided to leave the program but my pushy ways came with me. Looking back, I was driven and ambitious with a continuous need to achieve and an inner dialogue that voiced ‘it’s not enough’. Too much ambiguity, loss of control, emotional exposure and the likes scared the sh*t out of me. I found solace in over-functioning, so I did. 

My mind and life got so busy that my body started showing signs of breakdown. I was numbing my feelings, filling every spare moment with doing and never letting myself fully rest. In late 2009, stress-related ailments forced me to slow down.


From this space, a lot of reflection and growth emerged. I recognised the many ways that I had hooked into the belief systems of society and the resulting inner conflict that arises from accumulating unexamined truths. 

I discovered the ways in which my judgement and idealistic expectations on self can influence my fears, my choices and my health.


After this transformative process of transition and self-discovery, I discovered the importance of holistic health and the power of coaching, mindfulness, and yoga. It was also during this time that I learned vulnerability is courageous, imperfection is human, and the worst kind of failure is not being true to self

I went on to complete a masters degree in Psychology of Coaching at the University of Sydney, Co-active Coach training through the Coaches Training Institute, advanced trainings in the mindfulness-based coaching approach ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and various yoga teacher trainings.

PAIN into purpose

I’ve since become an advocate for the importance of holistic approaches to self-development alongside healthy, life-enhancing ambition. I wholeheartedly believe that self-exploration is a vehicle for transformation and that by developing self-awareness, we create opportunities for shifts towards more empowered living and leading.

Integrating mind and body, my coaching approach focusses on helping individuals create a stronger relationship with themselves and develop transformative practices that help them expand into their full potential.


Education and Credentials

My coaching services are influenced by mentors and teachers along with current evidence-based approaches.