EXPAND INTO YOUR BEST SELF and contribute more Purposefully

Integrating mind and body, coaching is an opportunity for self-exploration and a space to reveal the most authentic aspects of who you are. My approach helps you achieve personal understanding, connect with what really matters and take courageous actions that not only enrich your own life but also the lives of those around you.


Coaching can help you…

  • Increase your understanding of self

  • Improve your ability to focus and be present moment-to-moment

  • Unhook from a busy mind and lessen the negative impact of unhelpful thinking

  • Manage stress and anxiousness

  • Tune into the body and truly listen so you can better manage uncomfortable feelings and sensations

  • Appreciate your body and increase your motivation to take care of it

  • Improve your relationship with self through self-acceptance and self-compassion

  • Expand your perspective beyond the limitations you place on yourself

  • Clarify your personal goals and the values you want to live by


How it Works

  1. schedule a Clarity coaching session

Start with a complimentary clarity session to help you clarify where you're at and to reveal our next steps together. Clarity sessions are available online.

2. Choose a package

Choose a coaching package based on your needs and what you’re trying to achieve.

3. EXperience insight and Accountability

Engage in regular insightful coaching conversations and be held accountable to values-aligned action that enriches your life.

4. expand into your best self

Reveal the most authentic aspects of yourself and contribute in a way that is purposeful.


Working Together


Integrity is important to me so I wouldn’t offer anything I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve helped thousands of professionals and leaders develop greater personal understanding and contribute more purposefully. Our time together was a continuous process of self-discovery, insights, and breakthroughs.

I deeply value and respect this work. You can expect my undivided attention and a plethora of resources to support your growth process. I’m here to give you my best.


A True Story

“Little did I know that my life was about to shift as I uncovered some things about myself that were long overdue for investigation…

I started to view myself as a person who had left herself behind. I realised just how trapped in my mental chatter and self-doubt I was. I became aware of my tendency to put my needs last. I neglected my yoga practice, my connection with self, my desire for travel, my nutrition, my sleep, the list goes on. Consequently, I was running on a deficit.

I came to the experience knowing I had a lot of work ahead of me and I thank Erin everyday for holding the mirror up - oh so gently - and reintroducing me to myself. Erin's gentle teachings of mindfulness and self-compassion ignited my desire to start to build self-awareness and self-love, clearly define and strive for my goals, and start to value my empathy as a strength rather than define it as a hurdle in my life.

I am happy to say I am on the other side of not knowing myself. I have learned to prfioritize my self-care and I can truly say that I am a better mother, partner, and friend these days. I am forever grateful to have the first hand experience of Erin's guidance on this new path in my life.”

words from Ashley Kennedy

(a heartfelt business owner, mom, and yogi)