Connected Leaders Program prepares you to bring your whole self to all that you do and those that you connect with. 


This program is for you, if...


you want to develop an authentic leadership style that embodies your vast inner resources, unique strengths, and values

want to make a greater impact on your community

your an entrepreneur looking to align your personal and professional goal

you want to enhance your ability to foster more supportive and empowering relationships

your a wellness professional who wants to increase client adherence

your a coach looking for mentorship and to increase the tools in your toolbox  

you want to leave a legacy and be remembered for more than just how much money you have made

you want to learn effective strategies and skills they can apply to business and entrepreneurship


Module 1:

Awaken the Leader Within

Personal Exploration and Awareness

This course includes an integrative approach centered on helping you identify and focus on what’s really important.

You will be supported with coaching to develop an authentic leadership style that embodies your vast inner resources, unique strengths, and values along with clarity on how to maximise their benefits.


Extraordinary Experiences


Successful leaders require an enduring persistence towards a courageous vision along with a focus on aligned personal and professional goals. This course is focused on providing you with a greater understanding of the different types of goals and their relationship to the process of change. You will learn how to apply the science of goal setting to best support you now and in years to come.


Leading with Confidence

PsycHological Skills, Mindfulness, Resilience

This course focuses on teaching you theories and interventions in coaching and positive psychology, the science of human flourishing and optimal functioning. You will learn practical skills that contribute to increased well-being, high performance, and resilience – all important to great leadership. Scientific models were chosen to include consideration of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and the specific contexts you are functioning in.


Powerful Communication

Coaching skills, Mindful dialogue, Feedback

This course focuses on enhancing your ability to foster more supportive and empowering relationships. You will develop micro-coaching skills that help you build relationships based on genuine trust and rapport, create space for meaningful contributions, and encourage respectful feedback in order to expand perspective and knowledge.


You can expect leadership coaching to... 


Provide you with theory and practical skills 

Be intellectually challenging and to promote self-directed critical thinking

Be supportive of and consider your personal needs, leadership experience, and goals

Support both your professional and personal development

Provide you with psychological models to complement the transformative work that you do


Program Delivery Options



One-on-One Coaching

Each module consists of 4 x coaching sessions (75 mins each), pre-program discovery questions, coaching worksheets, audio mediations and relevant resources. Coaching sessions can be delivered by phone, online, or in person in Byron Bay.


Personalized Coaching Intensive

Each module can be delivered in a retreat setting in Byron Bay. You will receive one-on-one coaching guidance in a supportive, nourishing and confidential environment. Your personalized retreat will provide an opportunity to reduce external influences and distraction allowing you to gain clarity from within.



Each module can be delivered as a training course for your team or groups of leaders. If you're interested in hosting a leadership course, contact me to discuss options for full course or single module delivery.