Nourish Your Soul Retreat


Nourish Your Soul Retreat


Single Person

7 day Retreat Package including accommodation, all meals, yoga and workshops

20-27th June, 2018

Rote Island, Indonesia 



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Curious what it would be like to have a coach by your side? Not ready to commit to a long term coaching program?

Experience 3 x one-on-one online coaching sessions and discover if coaching is right for you. In your discovery session, we cover questions relating to the coaching process, get curious on where you are at now, tap into powerful aspects of yourself, and examine what holds you back and what brings you joy. You will also receive a discovery package full of inquisitive questions for us to review together and discuss your responses. Each private session, I incorporate mindfulness to assist you to reconnect with your natural state of awareness and inner harmony.

Consider this package an opportunity for some self-exploration and a check in to make sure you have all the tools you need to achieve your goals.