Wild Ambitions Guide


Wild Ambitions Guide

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Ready to mindfully transform your life and live your wildest dreams? This is the guide for you.

The Wild Ambitions Guide was created to inspire you to connect more deeply with yourself and to take action on something meaningful and worthwhile. It’s an invitation to tap into your inner wisdom through self-inquiry, writing and reflection.

When you feel stuck or unsure where to start, where do you begin to create change?

The Wild Ambitions Guide is a powerful 17-step process to discover and manifest your wildest dreams. With more than 90 beautiful pages of teachings and questions for self-reflection, this guide is a journey into your deeper self and an investigation of your goals.

Understanding Wild Ambitions

Let’s first begin with what Wild Ambitions is not. Wild Ambitions is not about filling your already full life or fueling an excessive desire for more. In fact, for you, it may be the opposite – taking stock and re-examining what’s really important. It’s not about blind determination, rigid attachment, or getting pushy with yourself either.

Wild Ambitions is really about alignment. It’s an offering to get curious with yourself and to discover whether you’re in integrity with your truth. It’s less about binding yourself to an outcome and more about conscious decision-making and honouring your own process. It’s the type of Wild that connects you back to who you really are, uninhibited by what other people think, combined with a quality of Ambition that is flexible and expansive. It’s healthy, life-enhancing ambition.


  • Insight-provoking 96-page Wild Ambitions Guide outlining a powerful 17-step process to clarify, visualise and embrace your wildest dreams.

The practical details:

Downloadable Guide for enjoyment on any device, or print out if you choose.


"Thank you for taking me on this journey into my deeper self, my wild ambitions and an investigation of my goals. The process was so powerful for me and just what I needed at this time in my life. Actually, I believe I needed it 100 times before. I’m just beyond grateful that the experience landed with me when it did. The beginning of 2018 was full of change and uncertainty. And so, I was craving clarity more than anything. The Wild Ambitions Guide gave me exactly that. The questions asked were what I’d longed to ask myself and the depth of investigation was just what I needed. I'm so grateful, Erin." - Eva King, Byron Bay, Australia

"Thank you so much for creating this guide. WOW. I wanted to get started right away. But, I took my time to actually work through the guide because it had so much to offer and I wanted to give it my full attention. There was a great balance between the theory and exercises. I was enthralled with the subjects and found myself wanting to know what was next. I loved the section on stretching myself and really resonated with the material. Personally, I've found that once I started to recognise my intuition or "gut" feeling along with other emotions (such as fear) that there was something beautiful just waiting on the other side of those emotions." - Denise Thomson, Alberta, Canada