It’s almost time to immerse yourself in simple, natural living on one of the Philippines’ island paradises. We are so excited for you to join us for 7 days on beautiful Siargao island. Full of sandy beaches, clear water and palm tree jungles, it will be easy to kick back and enjoy the pleasures of island life.

To support you in planning for your retreat, we’ve compiled some information below!

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Find and Bring

Find and bring up to 3 photos that include yourself (printed or saved on your phone).

Choose photos that in some way show, either directly on indirectly, some core truth about who you are as a person and what you love, believe and value. 

Packing Ideas

> Warm weather and tropical rain clothing (average temps 25-32 degrees)

>  Slightly cooler evening clothing: light weight long sleeve shirt, light pants (or long skirts)

>  Swimwear that stays put! Of course, you’re welcome to bring all the fashionable stuff along too ;)

>  Sarong or Beach Towel 

>  Yoga or fitness attire

>  Yoga Mat (yoga mats are available if you do not wish to bring your own)

>  Toiletries

>  Beach Sandals

>  Comfortable Walking Shoes 

>  Re-usable Water Bottle for outings (save the environment and limit use of one-time-use plastic bottles)

> A Backpack or Beach Bag for outings

>  Sun Protection: sun glasses, hat, sunscreen, after sun care

>  Insect Repellent (Bug Another Organic, BUG-R-OFF Herbal, or Natural Oil blends with citronella work well)

> Personal First Aid Kit: this may include anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-diarrheal (just incase!), disinfectant, antibacterial ointment, gauze, medical tape, and any other personal medications

> Bring some cash and a back-up credit/debit card

> A Book to enjoy during your down time


To facilitate your experience, we've chosen oceanside accommodation on a breathtaking stretch of white sand beach. Soultribe Beach Retreat is a luxurious eco-conscious retreat located on a tropical island with a jungle feel and private pool on site.

Enjoy a fresh sea breeze from the comfort of your 0cean front cabana with private en suite and outdoor showers or get closer to nature with comfort and style in a luxury bell tent.

Airport Transport

If you booked your flight with Breathe in Life or booked your own flight to arrive on the 12th of November during the suggested time, a Soultribe Beach Retreat driver will be there to pick you up. 

Once everyone has arrived and checked-in, you’ll have some time to settle into our accommodation. We plan to meet as a group in the yoga studio at 4:00pm for intro circle and yoga practice.


2 Meals a day at Soultribe Beach Retreat are included in your retreat package. If anyone has not told us about food allergies, special food requirements etc. please email us as soon as you can so we can do our best to accommodate.

We encourage you to explore the fabulous cuisine options on Siargao Island for lunches and dinners outside of our group meal schedule. Meals around the island are approximately 150-350 php (3.50 CAD to 7 CAD, 4 AUD to 7 AUD). Many restaurants are approx. 8 mins drive from our accommodation.

Some options include Shaka Siargao, Kali Ma Café, Wheely’s café, The Peace Kitchen. Pleasure Point Café and Kitya’s Place.

Getting Around the Island

Getting around the island is easy. We can arrange hubble drivers (prices vary) or you can rent scooters (350 php/day) through Soultribe.

Sample Schedule


7am-8:30am Yoga + Meditation

9:00am Breakfast

10:30am-12:00pm Wild Ambitions Workshop


Lunch (at Soultribe or eat out wherever you choose depending on the daily schedule) 

Time to explore Siargao or Chill time or Optional Massages (add-on healing service)


6:30pm Group Dinner

8pm Restorative Session

Note: This is a sample daily schedule. A more detailed agenda will be provided upon arrival.  

After settling into Soultribe Beach Retreat on our first day (Monday, 12th November), we will meet as a group in the yoga studio at 4:00pm for an intro circle and yoga practice.

Wild Ambitions Workshops

The Wild Ambitions Workshops series was purposefully and thoughtfully created to empower you to learn more about yourself, what's really important, and your authentic ambitions. Each workshop will be facilitated with the intention to create an inspiring and supportive environment to enable heartfelt conversations and insight to unfold.

The methodology is grounded on the concept of learning through experience and is supported by ancient yogic philosophy and current science in coaching psychology. It’s our vision that, as you interact with the content and implement what you are learning, you'll reveal new aspects of yourself and become more skilled at creating what you really want.


This immersion will offer daily yoga classes to support your holisitic experience, deepen your yoga practice, and strengthen your connection within.

Morning practices will be mindfully sequenced and themed to build on one another and to complement our workshops. A couple restorative afternoon and/or evening sessions will be offered, allowing you to stabilise the mind and ease your body into deep relaxation.

Classes are suitable for all levels and will include guided meditation and breathing techniques. Modifications to postures will be offered with a focus on self-awareness and ease of movement.

Mats are available if you prefer not to bring your own.

Additional Activities

We want you to get the most out of your time on Siargao Island, so we’ve included a stunning island hopping boat trip as part of your retreat experience. The trip includes a stop at Guyam Island, Naked Island, and Dako Island.

You may also be interested in getting involved in other activities during your down time. Surfing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving, or kayaking is also available. You can organise these activities at additional costs with the staff hosting us at Soultribe.


We can bring private masseuses on site to give you the ultimate relaxing massage against the sounds of the ocean, total bliss. In house massages require you to book an appointment in advance, please email us asap (preferably before 25th October) to schedule an appointment during our stay.

600 php / 1 hr Massage

Wild Ambitions Photoshoot

An inspiring photographer and woman I admire deeply, Ashley Kennedy, is joining our retreat and documenting our experience. In addition to photographing the retreat, she’s offering something just for you… 

As a photographer her eye is trained to see the natural beauty in every being and when she’s bending the camera, she can tangibly feel how sacred any given frame will be to her subject in the future. To her, this is the magic of storytelling. This magic is what sparked the idea of offering individual portrait sessions during the Wild Ambitions Retreat. She works with you to create images that will carry the essence and spirit of You.

She’s offering 45 min photoshoots dedicated solely to you at a special retreat rate of 125.00 CAD for 10-20 edited photos. You can book this anytime during our retreat.  


You MUST have a passport to travel to the Philippines and it must be valid for at least 6 months after the date you will return home. If you need to renew your passport we recommend you do it ASAP as the process can sometimes take a few weeks.

Visa Requirements

For this 7-day trip it is NOT necessary that you obtain a visa before departing for the Philippines. You must have 6 months validity on your passport from your arrival in the country right through your planned departure back to your passports issuing country, as well as blank pages. Your travel visa will be issued to you upon entry into the Philippines. Canadian + Australian citizens carrying a valid passport do not need visas when visiting the Philippines as tourists for less than three months.


You MUST have medical travel insurance to travel with Breathe in Life. If you have requested that Breathe in Life book this for you should have received a policy by e-mail. If you have booked your own insurance please fill out the policy information in “your trip” page.


We suggest bringing cash and/or a back up credit/debit card. Getting cash on the island can be difficult and a lot of places are cash only. There are limited ATMs on the island (2-3) though they are a distance from our accommodation. There are some international cards that the ATMS reject so bring cash and/or a second card in case your normal one is rejected.

yoga deck.jpg

Below is more info for you. It’s been influenced by observations and feedback over the years. It's my effort to help ease you into your travels and provide suggestions for our upcoming journey together.  


Like everything, the Philippines is continuously changing

Whether you were in the Philippines 10 years ago, last year, or never been, come with the awareness that it's always changing. The lifestyle and social norms may be different or unfamiliar to what you are accustomed to. I know I am continuously questioning my norms, logic, and points of view. I've found the best way to embrace all that is new is to be curious, ask questions, and be open to what is.  From my experience, there is much to learn from different ways of living and many riches to discover. 


Come with an open and curious mind

Some of you may already travel a lot, some not so much. Some of you may have practiced a lot of yoga, others are new to the practice. Some of you may have done a lot of personal development, life coaching or some form of inner work, others not at all.  I assure you the greatest opportunity for learning will come from staying open, curious, and receptive to whatever it is you are supposed to learn, knowing that the process of discovery and self-awareness is infinite. And together, for this reason, we will draw on the collective wisdom of the group. 


Honour the fact that everyone is on their own journey and coming from different places

When we are engaging in personal development, in a foreign culture, and in a collective experience it will more than likely bring up a heightened awareness to your own challenges. This is a good thing, it is leading us to greater self-awareness, living more inline with our values, and being more authentic. Remember continuously to respect where you and others are at. I am available for 1:1 conversations throughout the retreat.


Find the things you need to do to nurture yourself

It is so important that you get the most out of this experience. If that means you need to take it easy in a yoga practice, get a massage, have a nap or an early evening, please do what you feel is best. You are very welcome to create a personalized experience that best suits your needs and desires. 


Your experience goes beyond yourself

In the past, some participants have felt a sense of guilt leading up the retreat. This is the result of taking time off work, leaving family behind, or even due to being in the unfamiliar space of self-care. If you are experiencing any of this, please know that it is OK and a very normal experience. And, also know this... Even though personal development, yoga, and self-care practices benefit you, the purpose is to benefit others as well. A healthy and harmonious being radiates positive energy and peace to its surroundings. 


with love and respect,