It's an honour and privilege to work with passionate people who are dedicated to meaningful work and enriching the lives of those around them. 


Ashley Kennedy



"Erin's heart is a healer. She is a guide and a mentor, an inspiration and a leader.

Through Erin's gentle teachings of self compassion and mindfulness, I started to view myself as a person who had left herself behind. This ignited my desire to start to build my self awareness, stoke my self love, clearly define and strive for my goals and start to value my empathy rather than define it as a hurdle in my life. I am forever grateful to have the first hand experience of Erin's guidance on this new path in my life.

Erin's teaching are gentle, uplifting, encouraging and thoughtful. To interact and learn with Erin is really a breath of fresh air. Air that is filled with truth, depth, love, compassion and motivation. Thank you Erin, for all that you do and all that you are in this beautiful world."

 Her Legacy:

My mission and the legacy I strive to create in my life is to be a 100% authentic person. I truly believe that living this way presents opportunities in your life to find fulfillment. It gives you the openness to ask for help when you need it, the strength to overcome hurdles when they present themselves and the compassion to love and serve yourself and others as best you can.

Sarah Long



"Erin has empowered the courageous and independent individual, who I am today.  She has helped influence pivotal career decisions. Erin has encouraged me to understand the importance of 'why' I want to achieve my goals and how I'm going to overcome obstacles of fear along the way.

Erin is patient, determined and demonstrates an educated outlook on situations that I wouldn't have otherwise known how to deal with. She has been a leadership coach in helping me develop my strengths, but also focussing on the true essence of values. She has taught me how to align them with building the foundations of my career, as a disruptive, sustainable creative agency. With this lifelong skill set, I am now able to challenge the mainstream ways of thought, so that we can all create a better future for our world." 

Her mission: 

Challenge mainstream thinking. 


Hugh Crowley



“Erin's is amazing!! Her calm presence and encouraging advice gave me the courage to take a leap of faith into a new life direction. It was through Erin's simple and mindful approach to life's challenges, I've been to able clearly define and commit to my personal values, which are helping to shape my vision for a fulfilled and purposeful life. 

Thanks for the inspiration. I’m now confidently walking the path to reaching my full potential- You Rock!!”

His contribution: 

Connect people with nature and ultimately back to themselves

Melissa Jol



“Personally and professionally, coaching has done wonders for me. Coaching with Erin has challenged me take a step back and realize what’s truly important to me, what I truly desire in my heart, what makes me tick and what makes me happy.  I learned some great techniques on how to stay in a positive, strong, and clear headspace. With this mindset, I feel I can take on anything!”

Her Legacy: 

More then ever before, humanity needs assistance in finding their inner child/ the lighter, more fun side of life! I love supporting people on that journey and to also help in the following ways: open their eyes to new ways of living life on this incredible planet; teaching people how to tap into abundance in all forms and realizing that the universe is on their side; giving people love, compassion, and support in realizing their true potential on this earth; giving tools to heal and live a happy life through travel, nature, movement, encouragement, and laughter; reaching people to look at everyone as equal, to see themselves in the eyes of others, for we are all one.

Pamela Maercovich



"Erin has taught me how to live by my values and by doing so how to create a life that I am proud of.  She was the first experience of feeling 100% unconditional support allowing me to be my best possible self, connect with my soul and achieve my dreams. Her support has guided me to uncover what I want to do in this world. She taught me how to wake up every morning motivated for what I can achieve with my unique and authentic path.  

I now know the importance of my mission - something I honour with my actions everyday."  

Her Mission:

My mission is to teach others how to empower themselves to live the quality of life that they deserve - in terms of aspirations and overall wellbeing.  My focus is on supporting women to develop healthy relationships with food, their bodies and minds. 

I am supporting organizations (through my wellness consultant organization) and individuals (through Mindful Eating Chile) to improve their wellness from within. 

Karina Davila

Owner, Once Upon an Artisan


“Last year I went through a hard time after quitting my job, beginning a new business venture, moving to the countryside and beginning a new relationship. It was amazing times but also over whelming and scary. I really needed support and a plan because I felt I overwhelmed and didn’t have the tools to achieve my goals without getting drawn trying.

Erin has become a light in my life’s journey, for which I’m very grateful. She is awesome when it comes to helping me understand my patterns, connect with my foundation in life, and find the best way to achieve my goals while growing and enjoying the process. 

I’ve become more aware, am learning to embrace change and am able to move forward with my plans. My next step is the leadership program in order to keep developing my skills and my potential with Erin’s support and amazing knowledge.”

Her Mission:

To be a connector and to create awareness around the things I love and that inspire me, like nature and traditional knowledge.  For me, there isn’t anything more rewarding than connecting people and youth with the beauty of this world, people’s craftsmanship and the importance of preserving them for the next generations.

Indika Graphic.jpg

Alejandra Delmar




"I recieved some important teachings from Erin - just at the perfect time. During the coaching workshop,  I was able to fully relax, embrace, and accept myself.  I learned some new and effective techniques to slow down my system and actually feel my emotions as well as how to deal with difficult emotions.  In this path of self-healing and self-actualization, I'm glad we attracted eachother."


"Raise awareness about waste management and alternatives to typical consumerism. I want to leave this earth a better place and, hopefully, contribute to uplift humankind so that future generations can enjoy a kinder world."  

Ash Keillah


Instagram: @thefriendlypirate


“Erin, I really want you to know how good and effective the work you are doing with me is and, also, how much I appreciate it."

His Story:

"I approached Erin for her coaching services to support my development as a Surfer and create some long-term goals. Prior to coaching, I had a huge problem with nerves in competition. Since starting my coaching sessions, Erin has supported me through some trying times. I feel she has given me the tools to deal with and overcome many obstacles. These tools I will have for life that are transferring into my surfing career, Thanks to working with her I recently competed for the first time in years with my nerves under control, I would highly recommend getting in for a session!” 

His Legacy:

The legacy I would like to leave is that anything is possible if you’re willing to work and believe in yourself. 

Kaileen Sherk, Personal Growth Specialist


“Insightful, Effective, Elegant. Erin is the most effective Life Coach I have ever worked with. She is artful in how she guided me toward awareness with my blind spots, she was intuitive about the layers of my experience, and she was highly effective in helping me transform emotional stress into productive energy. I found her broad perspective and full range of experience in coaching brought the right combination of tools to help me. I am a huge fan of her work.”


Rebecca woods, ex world tour Professional Surfer


 "I experienced such an informative and professional few days during the Transition Workshop. A great way to stimulate and motivate when transitioning. An environment that fully supports and validates specific emotions and events surroundingthe hurdle of transition. Very recommended!"


Kate, Liquidnet


“Coaching has given me a new found confidence professionally and in my personal life.

The leadership program is great, so practical and relatable. Erin creates a warm and relaxed environment, which enables you to have a flowing discussion and dig deep. My experience has taught me how to handle the ups and downs in life with greater awareness and ease.”


Kelly, Registered Nurse


“Thanks again for the effort you put in to making my retreat so personalised and all about me, it was really special and something I will be forever grateful for. I now feel nourished and lighter as well as having a brand new perspective on my work, colleagues, friends and family. I’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to start experimenting!”




“I can not recommend Erin enough. After a complete shift in my personal and professional life, I lost the direction and clarity for what I wanted out of life. Erin helped me to uncover my true values and desires while supporting me to understand who I truly want to be.”

Misko, Byron Bay


"Erin ran a fantastic six-week workshop series on 'Mindfulness For Impact'. The workshops helped me further understand the strange workings of our mind and how we can help to control our mental state and overall wellbeing. We learned fantastic tools to help reduce ruminating and overall stress which can sometimes become overpowering in our busy lives." 




"Erin is a fantastic facilitator and true transformation catalyst. Throughout the workshop she generously shares her own examples from lived experiences and is a true inspiration. She understands how to create a safe space for everyone to express themselves fully and shares a lot of useful tools."


 Remy, AUSTRALIAN Yoga Teacher


“Erin was extraordinarily helpful at helping me understand my values, and how I would like to interact in the world. This is giving me greater confidence to be more authentic, and in the process, pursue more meaningful goals.”




“Coaching has had a huge impact on all aspects of my being.  I came to Erin with very little idea of what coaching was about but a yearning to gain some direction. Erin helped me immensely to work through various obstacles, teaching me methods that I could easily apply to my everyday life. She is incredibly professional and I felt confident in both her abilities and confidentiality.”


Zeke Cabell, Strength & Conditioning Coach


“Working with Erin has given me the opportunity to get to know myself better, the tools to develop professionally, and the courage to trust myself to make some tough but necessary life changing decisions. I am now creating more honest and open relationships with clients allowing me to better relate to their needs and create lasting changes in their lives. “


Mary Blando, Holistic Nutritionist


“Erin’s has a remarkable ability to connect with people. Her gentle, kind nature and holistic approach is what openly welcomes and allows you to share your journey with her. My experiences with her have been heart opening. I’ve left every conversation with the compassion, clarity and positive perspective needed to face my challenges and her encouragement has helped me feel sure of my abilities. It goes without saying, Erin is doing what she loves courageously, which is truly inspiring.”


Yosanta Rajapakse, Medical Doctor


"Erin is a multi-talented and accomplished life coach. I've been very impressed with the way she blends her coaching techniques with mindfulness in order to help discover authenticity and to support successful goal achievement."


PRUe BLENNERHASSETT, Founder make space allow grace


I loved Erin's workshop on failure and resilience. Failure's a human experience we all share and being able to understand why some failures feel different to others and how that relates back to our values is so powerful. Understanding the role of taking responsibility and also self-compassion to build resilience in the face of failure helps to empower us to be more courageous in every area of our lives. 




“Erin is more than a coach. She is an inspiration on how to live life and it is contagious. Through our coaching sessions, I jump started a whole new world for myself. Within 1 year, I founded a very successful company. I constantly feel the need to recommend Erin. She is a guiding light in helping one create their own success!”


Pete Raab, Vancouver Real Estate Agent


“I just wanted to send you a message to say a year after our retreat, absolutely epic things are happening with my career. There was a little spark of potential greatness that was lingering in the background of my mind for a few years but after your coaching and inspiration on our retreat you gave me the tools to go ahead and do what seemed impossible. Next level is happening Erin; thanks to you.”




"Things are going really well for me. Looking back now, I can trace a lot of my awareness and inquisitiveness to my first retreat. I've grown a lot spiritually since. Life is amazing!"




"Thank you again for the awesome time at your yoga retreat. I'm sure you hear this from most of your guests, but it was my first time for something like that. I really loved it. Thanks for all the life lessons."